My Girls
Hi there. I’m Amber and these are my girls. I’ll probably talk a lot about them. We live in New Jersey. I used to blog a LOT when my oldest was born. Now I create new sites and let them die. Let’s see how this one goes.

Amber Stiles So this is me. I’m a 36 year old mother of 3. I currently homeschool my oldest.

I also enjoy redecorating my house. I love photography, and music, and treats. I like to hike…alone.
Nice to meet you!


Alexa This is Alexa! She’s my oldest. She made me a mom. She’s an amazing 6 year old (7 in Feb).

Alexa loves bugs, and birds, and reading, and nature. She’s sensitive, and loving, and moody, and just the best  big kid I could have ever hoped for.


EmmaEmma is my wild one. She’s 3 going on 4 and completely awesome. She’s been climbing everything and everyone since she could crawl. She’s loud and excited and in love with life.

She loves her sisters with her whole body. She is obsessed with Barbies. My girly girl in every sense of the word.


PennyThis is Penny! She’s our baby. She is the light of the lives of our entire family. She is in love with her sisters and her toys. She is the most playful baby ever. Always smiling and always happy to be the center of attention.

Our family is full of love and sunshine because this little lady unites us all. We can’t imagine a time when she wasn’t here with us.